Mark Harris

Mark is a North Carolina native with North Carolina values.

In 2014 he ran for the US Senate, and while ultimately unsuccessful, he demonstrated what it means to be a team player. After his bid, he worked tirelessly and in the interest of the state to elect a Republican Senator from North Carolina. This good-will has been noticed by many, and has been a catalyst for the excitement and support surrounding his run for Congress.


As Senior Pastor at Charlotte’s First Baptist Church, Mark has been outspoken about the value of a traditional family structure. He believes the US Constitution should be followed properly and not interpreted liberally, and understands that a bloated, wasteful government inhibits our freedom as Americans.

While many in Washington are comfortable with the status quo, Mark Harris will turn it upside down. That is why Rampart PAC is proud to support Dr. Harris for the US Congress. He is the true, honest, and conservative choice for North Carolina.

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