Just the Facts: Fighting Back Against My Opponent’s Smears

State Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst and his wife Rea, who is running to replace him, have mailed two vicious attack ads to voters in the 98th District. Those ads included not-so-thinly veiled racial attacks lying about my position on Voter ID laws and accusing me of being a Democrat.

I’m saddened that I have to respond to these allegations, but I can’t let the Scharnhorsts get away with attacking my years of service to conservative and Republican causes. They are lashing out at me to hide Dwight Scharnhorst’s record of deviation from conservative values and Rea’s thin resume for the job of State Representative.

Here are the FACTS about the Scharnhorsts’ attacks:
“Shamed Dogan doesn’t support the Republican initiative led by the Legislature requiring a photo ID to vote.”
FACT: Shamed Dogan supports voter ID requirements. Shamed said so publicly at a Wild Horse Township candidate forum in May. He added the qualifier that any voter ID bill must provide free IDs for non-drivers so as not to place an unfair burden on them. In fact, he specifically praised Missouri’s bill because unlike some other states, it provided for free IDs.

“Shamed touts Washington DC experience and wants to bring it to Missouri.”
FACT: Shamed’s “Washington DC experience” includes working for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2002. He helped Republicans take back the majority in the U.S. Senate, including Sen. Jim Talent’s (R-MO) election in Missouri which clinched the majority. Shamed remained in Washington for three years to work as a legislative assistant to Senator Talent. Which part of that experience was bad for Missouri?

“Who is supporting Shamed Dogan? The same contributors who supported the following:
Democrat National Committee
Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee
Missouri Democrat State Committee”
FACT: Shamed is proud to have received support from many Republicans, Democrats, and independents. By this standard of guilt by association, Dwight & Rea Scharnhorst have also accepted contributions from PACs and individuals who’ve donated to those same Democratic organizations.

Here are some FACTS about Dwight and Rea Scharnhorst that voters deserve to know:
Dwight Scharnhorst voted FOR Amendment 7, the largest tax increase in Missouri history. The tax increase would push many St. Louis area municipalities’ sales tax rates close to 10%.

Dwight Scharnhorst voted to support public funding of human cloning, and accepted campaign contributions from a pro-cloning PAC, “Supporters of Health Research and Treatments.” He has consistently received failing grades from Missouri Right to Life.

Rea Scharnhorst has NOT been an “unpaid volunteer” for nine years as she has repeatedly claimed. She spent 2008-2009 as a paid staffer for Dwight Scharnhorst just before they were married. She only became a “volunteer” because Missouri’s Constitution prevents public officials from hiring relatives for state jobs.

Rea Scharnhorst is just barely qualified to serve as a State Representative. Missouri’s Constitution requires Representatives to be qualified voters for at least two years before being elected. Rea Scharnhorst only registered to vote for the first time two years ago, in February 2012. (Source: St. Louis County voter registration records)

Last but not least, Dwight and Rea Scharnhorst have accepted over $30,000 in lobbyist gifts over the past eight years. Rep. Scharnhorst has repeatedly landed in the Top 10 list for most lobbyist gifts taken by a legislator.

On August 5, the voters of the 98th District will tell the Scharnhorsts that eight years is enough!