I’ve had the honor of serving Missourians at the local, state, and federal levels, and I’ve seen firsthand that quality leadership in government can make people’s lives a little bit better. That’s why I’m so disturbed by what’s been going on in St. Louis County government.

For nearly 8 years, Steve Stenger and Sam Page have let us down. Corruption. Population decline. Rising crime. Kids falling behind.

I’m running for County Executive to bring people together again so that we can get St. Louis County growing again.

As State Representative, I helped clean up state government by reducing the power and influence of lobbyists.

I helped reduce the tax burden on working families and cut needless red tape that made it harder for people to start a small business.

I led the fight for criminal justice reforms that stopped locking people up for smoking marijuana and other nonviolent offenses because prison cells should be reserved for the worst of the worst.

I worked with Democrats, Republicans, law enforcement and the activist community to pass the most significant criminal justice reform bill since Ferguson, which will hold bad police officers accountable while helping good police officers fight violent criminals who threaten our communities.

As County Executive, I will work to make our streets safer, help our business community recover and thrive, and provide our kids with the educational opportunities they deserve.

Making Our Streets Safer: As State Representative, I’ve worked to pass thoughtful criminal justice reforms that support law enforcement while keeping Missourians free and our communities safe. To reverse the increase in violent crime plaguing our county, we have to provide resources and relief to our officers currently being forced to deal with non-violent, petty crime and allow them to focus on the real threats to our families.

Helping Businesses Recover From Covid-19: The failures of our local leaders led to policies that destroyed our local economy without stopping an out-of-control pandemic. I will stand firm with business owners and ensure they have a leader who will work WITH them in the wake of the Covid-19 economic recovery. Small-businesses and working-class people are the backbone of our county and we can’t afford to put the economic strain of the pandemic on their backs.

Quality Educational Opportunities: My wife and I have two children who attend public school, so we are especially concerned about keeping our schools open for parents who want an in-person learning option. I’ll support our teachers and administrators and ensure they have the tools and funding they need to do their jobs. I’ll support parents by ensuring they have the input and choice desired in their children’s education.