2017 Legislative Priorities

In preparation for the 2017 legislative session, I would like to share with you my plans to pre-file the bills that will make up my legislative platform. With Republican Super Majorities and control of the Governor’s mansion, I am optimistic that this year we will be able to accomplish some true reforms that will make our state a better place.

Blue Alert System

We have seen far too much violence directed against the men and women who protect and serve our communities, including the heinous attack on Ballwin Officer Michael Flamion in my district and the murder of St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder. It’s important that we send a strong message that we will not tolerate crimes directed at our law enforcement community.

I am introducing legislation to create a Blue Alert notification system to ensure law enforcement officials quickly receive the information they need to apprehend individuals who injure or kill peace officers.

Banning Lobbyist Gifts for Local Officials

Taxpayers deserve the same transparency and accountability from their local elected officials as they receive from state elected officials. If the House passes a ban on lobbyist gifts at the state level, as we did last year, it makes sense for us to ban lobbyist gifts at the local level as well.

Currently, many gifts to local officials do not have to be disclosed, and the people who give the gifts do not even have to be registered as lobbyists. This practice is unacceptable.

Hair Braiding Freedom Act

In order to be licensed in Missouri, hair braiders have to spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of training that is not at all relevant to the practice of braiding. This destroys economic opportunity and rigs the system against predominantly lower and middle-class minority women.

It is outrageous and unfair to require 1,500 hours of training for hair braiders, which is more than what is required to become a real estate agent (72 hours), an emergency medical technician (100 hours), and a dietician (900 hours), combined.

I look forward to taking on big government and making our state work better for you. There is a lot to accomplish, but we are poised to have a historic year in the Missouri legislature.