I am a principled, results-oriented conservative leader. As the State Representative from the 98th District, my priorities have been:

1. Increase accountability and transparency in government.
2. Promote the growth of Missouri’s private businesses, NOT its government.
3. Implement thoughtful criminal justice reform that supports law enforcement while keeping Missourians free and our communities safe.

My priorities are in line with the commonsense values of the people I’ve represented the last several years in Fenton, Ballwin, Ellisville, and Wildwood.

Covid-19 Recovery: The failures of our local leaders led to policies that destroyed our local economy without stopping an out-of-control pandemic. I will stand firm with business owners and ensure they have a leader who will work WITH them in the wake of the Covid-19 economic recovery. Small-businesses and working-class people are the backbone of our county and we can’t afford to put the economic strain of the pandemic on their backs.

Affordable Healthcare: I’ve heard from dozens of citizens who lost their health insurance or their ability to see their doctor. Many others have had their insurance premiums double or triple or are concerned about losing coverage due to pre-existing conditions.. These people want a leader who will fight for quality, affordable healthcare for all Missourians.

Integrity/Ethics: Many voters in the district are fed up with politicians who use their office to improve their own lifestyles through lobbyist gifts, and then turn around and get rich as lobbyists themselves. As an Alderman in Ballwin, I led the way to pass an ethics reform law that reduced the amount of gifts Aldermen and city officials can take from lobbyists and special interests. As State Representative, I helped pass ethics reforms that banned lobbyist gifts and ended the “revolving door” that used to let former lawmakers become lobbyists right after they leave office. I will lead the fight to clean up County Government!

Quality Education: My wife and I have two children who attend public school, so we are especially concerned about keeping our schools open for parents who want an in-person learning option. I’ll support our teachers and administrators and ensure they have the tools and funding they need to do their jobs. I’ll support parents by ensuring they have the input and choice desired in their children’s education.

Criminal Justice Reform: As State Representative, I worked to implement thoughtful criminal justice reform that supports law enforcement while keeping Missourians free and our communities safe. To solve the crime problem plaguing our community we have to provide resources and relief to our officers currently being forced to deal with non-violent, petty crime and allow them to focus on the real threats to our families.