I am a principled, liberty-oriented conservative. As the State Representative from the 98th District, my priorities are to:

1. Increase accountability and transparency in government.
2. Promote the growth of Missouri’s private businesses, NOT its government.
3. Defend the God-given Constitutional rights of all Missourians, including the unborn.

My priorities are in line with the commonsense conservative values of the people I represent in Fenton, Ballwin, Ellisville, and Wildwood. I’ve heard from dozens of citizens who lost their health insurance or their ability to see their doctor because of Obamacare. Many others have had their insurance premiums double or triple. These people want a State Rep who does everything possible to fight Obamacare and support more freedom in health care! People are also very concerned about our “jobless recovery” and the fact that Missouri is losing jobs to surrounding states. They want our state to cut taxes and red tape for ALL businesses and individuals, not just those with the most lobbyists in Jefferson City.

Here are my positions on some of the other issues that voters in the district find important:  

2nd Amendment:
I am a STRONG supporter of our Constitutional right to bear arms. I was a member of my high school’s varsity riflery team, and I still enjoy shooting whenever I can. When I worked for Sen. Jim Talent I helped pass  the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which stopped the efforts of Michael Bloomberg and other liberals to bankrupt firearm manufacturers. As your State Representative, I will always vote to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of Missourians.

Many voters in the district are fed up with politicians who use their office to improve their own lifestyles through lobbyist gifts, and then turn around and get rich as lobbyists themselves. As an Alderman in Ballwin, I led the way to pass an ethics reform law that reduced the amount of gifts Aldermen and city officials can take from lobbyists and special interests. As your State Representative, I’ve supported bills to limit lobbyist gifts and to en the “revolving door” that lets former lawmakers become lobbyists right after they leave office. We HAVE to clean up Jefferson City!

Education/Common Core:
One of the main reasons people choose to live in the 98th district is for our excellent schools in the Rockwood and Parkway School Districts. My wife and I have a daughter who attends public school, so we are especially concerned about how Common Core is going to affect Missouri’s local school districts. I am deeply opposed to Common Core, especially the way that it was implemented by Governor Nixon without input from the Legislature. I support REPEALING Common Core in Missouri and allowing more local control of educational standards. As a member of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee, I am working to improve Missouri’s rankings in both K-12 and higher education.